HARARE| The on going cruel demolitions of people’s houses and properties in different parts of the country by the government and the MDC led council is very disappointing and needs urgent attention from all the progressive forces in Zimbabwe

The people’s party (CIDA) Condems those cruel demolitions as that can only be gone by heartless leaders to their citizens, it is very sad that our politicians only think and remember our people during elections, after they get their X, they will just dump and leave them wallowing in poverty and without houses or anywhere to stay.

As CIDA, we want to ask both the central and the local Government that who gave those people stands in wrong places ?, who allowed them to build their structures? where are they paying their rent bills ?
Who gave them electricity?,
Who is supplying them with water?

Before any further demolitions, the government should build houses or provide some alternative to all those people to be affected, as those people did not encroach into those particular stands or land, therefore all the responsible entities should make sure that the welfare of the people of Zimbabwe is their priority

The CIDA Condems the local Council for giving the people stands in wrong places therefore calling for the local government to interfere and make sure that the issue is addressed amicably, furthermore the local government should compensate the affected, and make sure such ilicity is never practiced to its citizen.

Lastly but not least, the CIDA stands in solidarity with all the citizens of Zimbabwe who have lost their homes and properties by those heartless politicians across the country and we therefore call upon all the opposition political players, NGO , Community based organisation and loby groups to pressure the government to make sure that the affected people get justice.

The struggle of the people is our struggle.

Don’t keep hoping for change but Vote for change.When They Promise We Deliver, and we Redeem Our Future Generations.

By Thandazani Moyo
CIDA Secretary General


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