Does Africa have internet?

Researcher | There is no internet in Africa. As a matter of fact we rely on messangers to convey messages from one edge of the continent to the other. Ever had of the Kalenjin people from Kenya? They are some of the best long race runners. In addition we have horn blowers and drummers who alert us when it’s time for tribal wars…. Just kidding, we have internet in Africa. The reliability and speed obviously varies with countries and ISPs but here in Kenya the penetration is quite good. Anyone with a smartphone has access to some form of internet and will often use it mostly for social networking. In rural areas, most people will connect to the internet though their phones by buying data subscriptions from their GSM handsets. In urban areas most people will prefer monthly subscriptions for bulk internet (institutions and businesses). A considerable amount of people have installed Wifi routers at home and places of work. Africa being a continent and expansive by land mass, I can’t guarantee that this response is a universal representation but there is virtually some sort of connection on all corners of occupied land. Thank you.

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