Why do Nigerians still go to South Africa for greener pastures, despite the xenophobic attacks and being treated like 3rd class trash?



Warning: Graphic Videos that may offend. Why? Because to an basic Nigerian. Everywhere is a greener pasture.

The Nigerian is obsessed with travelling abroad. The less educated with little prospects in life, the bigger the dream. Big house, fast car. It is as if they think that people in their “greener pastures” are waiting for them with open arms and a map to the local money tree.

That is why you would find Nigerians everywhere. Language and immigration status not a barrier. Try telling them the facts, it enters one ear and leaves the other unregistered.

Try telling them that people in the “greener pastures” with the same education they have, are at best getting just by. With no big car or house.

They go abroad and do everything just to get by. Often illegal. Otherwise they remain no better then they are back home. End result, “Nigerian” is similar to the word “criminal”

The name of Nigeria had been so ruined, that it is easier to buy online and have it delivered to the moon then Lagos.

Opening an account in the UK, showing the Nigerian passport as evidence of identity. Suddenly they needed a letter from the GMC as evidence of me been a doctor. No other African gets this treatment.

They are willing to do anything to get to their “greener pastures” Next video is filmed in the Sahara desert. The route taken to North Africa and the Mediterranean. Please do not watch if easily upset.

You do not need to ask the way. Just follow the corpses. How about been sold into slavery in Libya.

Then remember the deadly Mediterranean crossing, that is the only thing you hear of in Europe. Did you know that the majority of Nigerians do not know how to swim?

Just to become a criminal (illegal immigrant) as soon as your feet step on shore. So what is so bad been beaten up in South Africa? Is nothing compared to other countries. It is news just because it is “black on black”

If Nigerians kept half the effort at home as it takes them to get abroad, they will be comfortable by Nigerian standards in Nigeria. I also blame the families. The Nigerian ambassador phones the mother (in Nigeria) of a girl arrested for prostitution in Russia.

He was disgusted. The mother begged the ambassador to help the daughter remain in Russia. Her comment “ make e manage am small” said in pidgin English. Which means “ let her persevere (the prostitution) for the moment”

So the Nigerian obsession will make Nigerian head for South Africa no matter what. NB: The “green pastures” are only green if that country wants you.

I worked twenty years in Europe, did exams to prove myself. They needed my services. Yet they still make you know in their little way that you are not home.

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